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The current President of the Republic H.E. Mr Filipe Jacinto Nyusi (since 15 January 2015) and the Prime Minister is H.E. Mr Carlos Agostinho do Rosário (since 17 January 2015).

The President of the Republic is the Head of State, Head of Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Defence and Security Forces, and a Symbol of National Unity. He is directly elected for a five-year term via run-off voting.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President. His functions include convening and chairing the Council of Ministers (The Cabinet) by delegation of the President of the Republic, advising the President, assisting the President in governing the country, and coordinating the functions of the other Ministers.

The Council of Ministers is composed by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Ministers.

The Ministers, the Deputy Ministers and the Provincial Governors are appointed by the President of the Republic.

The Cabinet (Council of Ministers)

President: H.E. Mr Filipe Jacinto Nyusi
Prime Minister: H.E. Mr Carlos Agostinho do Rosário


1.    Minister of Economy and Finance: Mr Adriano Afonso Maleiane
2.    Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Mr Oldemiro Marques Júlio Baloi
3.    Minister of Interior: Mr Jaime Basílio Monteiro
4.    Minister of National Defence: Mr Atanásio Salvador Ntumuke
5.    Minister of Agriculture and Food Security: Mr José Condugua António Pacheco
6.    Minister of State Administration and Public Service: Ms Carmelita Rita Namashulua
7.    Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security: Ms Vitória Dias Diogo
8.    Minister in the Presidency for Civil House (Chief of Staff in the Presidenc’s office) : Ms Adelaide Anchia Amurane
9.    Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries: Mr Agostinho Salvador Mondlane
10.    Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy: Mr Pedro Conceição Couto
11.    Minister of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs: Mr Isac Chande
12.    Minister of Health: Ms Nazira Karimo Vali Abdula
13.    Minister of Youth and Sport: Mr Alberto Hawa Januário Nkutumula
14.    Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare: Ms Cidália Manuel Chaúque Oliveira
15.    Minister of Education and Human Development : Mr Luís Jorge Teodósio António Ferrão
16.    Minister of Industry and Trade: Mr Ernesto Max Elias Tonela
17.    Minister of Transport and Communications: Mr Carlos Alberto Fortes Mesquita
18.    Minister of Land, Environmental  and Rural Development: Mr Celso Ismael Correia
19.    Minister of Culture and Tourism: Mr Silva Armando Dunduro
20.    Minister of Veterans Affairs: Mr Eusébio Lambo Gumbiwa
21.    Minister of Science and Technology, Higher and Technical Education: Mr Jorge Olívio Penicela Nhambiu
22.    Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources: Mr Carlos Bonete Martinho

Deputy Ministers1.    Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance: Ms Isaltina Lucas
2.    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Ms Nyelety Brooke Mondlane
3.    Deputy Minister of Interior: Mr José dos Santos Coimbra
4.    Deputy Minister of National Defence: Mr Patrício José
5.    Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Higher and Technical Education: Ms Leda Florinda Hugo
6.    Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications: Ms Manuela Joaquim Rebelo
7.    Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism: Ms Ana Comoana
8.    Deputy Minister of Justice, Constitutional and Religous Affairs: Mr Joaquim Veríssimo
9.    Deputy Minister of Education and Human Development: Mr Armindo Saul Atelela Ngunga
10.    Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs: Ms Maria de Fátima Mwanza Pelembe
11.    Deputy Minister of Land, Environmental  and Rural Development: Ms Ana Ismael Senda Coani
12.    Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade: Mr Ragendra De Sousa
13.    Deputy Minister of Health: Mr Mouzinho Saíde
14.    Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare: Mr Lucas Mangrasse
15.    Deputy Minister of State Administration and Public Service: Mr Roque Silva Samuel
16.    Deputy Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security: Mr Oswaldo Armindo Fakir Petersburgo
17.    Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport: Ms Ana Flávia João de Azinheira
18.    Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security: Ms Luísa Meque
19.    Deputy Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries: Mr Henriques Bongece

Provincial Governors

1.    Niassa: Mr Arlindo da Costa Gonçalo Mazungane Chilundo
2.    Cabo Delgado: Ms Celmira Silva
3.    Nampula: Mr Victor Mauel Borges
4.    Zambézia: Mr Abdul Razak Noormahomed
5.    Tete: Mr Paulo Auade
6.    Manica: Mr Alberto Ricardo Mondlane
7.    Sofala: Ms Maria Helena Taipo
8.    Inhambane: Mr Daniel Chapo
9.    Gaza: Ms Stella da Graça Pinto Novo Zeca
10.    Maputo Province: Mr Raimundo Maico Diomba
11.    Maputo City: Ms Iolanda Maria Pedro Campos Cintura

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